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Driver Memo: Wild Card Wednesday

July 22, 2019  |  by Todd Staley, Promoter

Been getting a lot of questions about this weeks races during the Hamilton County Fair! This week two nights are on tap at the speedway! First one will be Wildcard Wednesday this Wednesday night! All classes will be racing and EVERYONE Is invited to come and have some fun! As normal I was sitting in the rain last week and thought of some crazy stuff to try and here it is! Payoffs are GUARANTEED like normal and paid in cash same night!

SLMR Late Models will be running and just so you all know we do allow siping on our tires to help those guys that race at Marshalltown! Normal payouts will be paid out for this class at $600 to win if we can get 20 cars we will pay $1,000 to win!

USRA Alternative Modified Rules are the following: Everyone can run a two inch spoiler and just so you know crate motors have won races this year Ethan, Joel, and Tim for sure winners, If running a open flat tappet steel headed motor you also get a two inch spoiler. USRA Open cars get two choices they can run a 2 inch spoiler but must add 50lbs for aluminum heads or no spoiler and no weight! If running a 525 2 inch spoiler and 25 lbs! Either tire is allowed! Modifieds will pay the 24 car class guaranteed purse of $1,000 to win and $110 to start this Wednesday Night! And this race is also a Summit Shootout Qualifier! Winner of the Main Event will be guaranteed a spot in the $2,500 to win Shootout in September at Nationals! To be eligible must be on American Racers and have a USRA License!

USRA Stock Cars $500 to win once again all cars are welcome to come and have some fun! If we get 21 or more cars pays $95 to start if we get 25 or more $600 to win and $100 to start! Any driver running a 360 cubic inch motor gets to run a 4bbl carb (this is an option and don't have to run it) if running an open motor Holley 4412! Either tire is optional! This race is also a Summit Shootout Qualifier race for the Nationals! $2,000 race in September!

USRA B-mod/Sport Mod once again weekly track rules will apply USRA car gets a 2 inch spoiler and Sportmods get their normal 5 inch spoiler! Either tire is an option! $500 to win and with 21 or more cars $95 to start! If we get 25 or more $600 to win and $100 to start! Both classes are very equal as once again both classes have won this season! Summit Shootout Qualfier also!

USRA Hobby Stocks everyone welcome $400 to win 21 or more cars pays $80 to start 25 or more cars $500 to win and $85 to start! Summit Shootout Qualifier also!!

USRA Tuners/Sport Compacts everyone welcome to come and have fun! If we get 15 or more cars $200 to win and $40 to start, 20 or more cars $300 to win and $50 to start!

Here is where the fun begins and drivers can participate for extra money or they do not have to play the game! Entry fee is $50 for everyone wanting to play the game! We will have two brand new decks of cards for the game! At drivers meeting we will draw 3 lucky players and we will also draw three after the heat races! So six people will get to play first round as will the top three from every heat race as long as signed up for Wildcard Wednesday! Drivers will pick a number between 1-54 and get that amount of card! First round payouts are
Aces- $100
Kings- $80
Queens- $70
Jacks- $60
Tens- $50
9's- $45
8's- $40
7's- $35
6's- $30
5's- $25
4's- $20
3's- $15
2's- $10
Jokers- $200

After each feature race drivers will once again get to pull a card the top three drivers plus two mystery spots. The winner of each class will pull two numbers for the drivers getting to pick the card whatever number they draw will be the position that will get to draw! As long as those drivers bought in! The Hard Charger from each class will also get to draw a card as long as they bought in! We are going to make the races Wednesday night as fun as possible and our goal is to fill this put area for Wildcard Wednesday at the Hamilton County Speedway so make your plans to be there! Tell all of your friends and tag all your area race car drivers so they can come and have some fun and take home some good money! It would be possible that one driver could draw up to four times! Get lucky at drivers meeting or intermission then get in top three of heat race, then in round 2 Finish in top three or get drawn and be the Hard Charger! Draw all four Jokes and make $1,400!!

Round 2 Draw Values:
Aces- $250
Kings- $200
Queens- $175
Jacks- $150
Tens- $125
9's- $100
8's- $90
7's- $80
6's- $70
5's- $65
4's- $60
3's- $55
2's- $50
Jokers- $500

Hope to see everyone this Wednesday night weather looks awesome! Pass it on!