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And then there were 23...

April 5, 2024

The RacinDirt TV Challenge is $30,000+ which will be split evenly between all drivers with perfect attendance in 2024. There were 40 who raced all four shows in Texas back in March, but 17 of those hung it up and after opening night at the Humbolddt Speedway we now have 23 drivers with perfect attandance. That's $1,304 to each driver at season's end, and it keeps going up every time a driver throws in the towel.

The racers still eligible for the RacinDirt TV Challenge are Carlos Ahumada Jr., Kyle Brown, Jim Chisholm, Gary Christian, Tyler Davis, Dan Ebert, Boone Evans, Brandon Givens, Mike Hansen, Jacob Hobscheidt, Gabe Hodges, A.J. Hoff, Jason Hughes, Chris Kratzer, Jeremy LaCoe, Tanner Mullens, Terry Phillips, Dereck Ramirez, Rodney Sanders, Lucas Schott, D.J. Shannon, Jake Timm and Alex Williamson.

To receive a portion of the money, each driver must have perfect attendance at all series races. The total prize pool remains $30,000 and will be split evenly among all eligible competitors at the year-end USMTS banquet.

In addition to perfect attendance, a few other things will be required:

1. Special TV Challenge intros during A-Main driver lineups broadcast on RacinDirt. Drivers will need to be in their racesuits and availble for a Media Day event at the Humboldt Speedway on or around March 6-7 during RacinDirt USMTS King of America XIII where footage will be captured for future use.

2. Short promotional video clips will be used in the broadcast as time allows. We will record these at the Media Day event and through the season as time allows.

3. Using the promo code “RDTV2024” gets new subscribers 10% off an annual RacinDirt subscription. Every time the promo code is used, $50 will be added to the prize pool. Drivers will be encouraged to pass this code to any prospective individuals and fans who would like to follow their racing online.

4. Drivers must publicize the upcoming USMTS event one week before or Monday or Tuesday the week of the race. Use of supporting photos or images is encouraged. We ask to tag or mention both USMTS and RacinDirt in posts.

5. Following USMTS events, again post outcomes and plans. Use of supporting images also preferred. Please also mention or tag both USMTS and RacinDirt in posts.

Program details and policies are subject to change..

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RacinDirt has been the Official Streaming Provider for the Summit USMTS National Championship since 2013 and the USMTS has been showcasing America’s best of the best in dirt modified racing for the past 25 years.

The USMTS has offered points funds that exceeds $300,000 with $100,000 earmarked for the championship driver and team. Last year, Dustin Sorensen picked up the first $100,000 check and the first Leon Ramirez Memorial Trophy.

The 2023 was the most competitive season in USMTS history 18 different winners utilizing 17 different chassis manufacturers in the 34 races that were held. What’s more, there were 17 competitors who attended every event.

With live and on-demand coverage of nearly every event plus exclusive interviews, instant replays, multiple camera angles and more, RacinDirt is your source for USMTS action. In addition to their robust website at RacinDirt.TV, race fans can access content on your desktop and laptop computers, as well as a suite of apps for added convenience including Roku, Amazon Fire, iOS, Apple TV and Google Play.

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